Education that targets marginalized and poor populations will bring change to many of the systemic factors that have contributed to the delay in poor communities’ development. Education can prevent the transmission of poverty between generations. Education also has documented effect on health, nutrition, economic development and on environmental protection (UNESCO 2104: Sustainable development begins with education). In order to sustainably address the challenges the Subo communities face today, education is the surest weapon that OCN has embraced through a program duped Girls for Girls Initiative whose main purpose is to support bright but needy girls through high school and colleges.

However, with continuous needs assessment, we realized that the boy child was equally at risk of not getting the much needed education. We, as a result opened our arms to both boys and girls. This program aims at improving literacy levels in these communities by championing school enrolment for all children of school going age, through awareness programs for the parents and caregivers, supporting bright high school students through school and colleges and establishment of TVET to facilitate smooth transition of these beneficiaries to tertiary levels.

Today, OCN supports five beneficiaries in high school four girls and one boy through full sponsorship of school fees payment and provision of education materials. They are all enrolled in established well performing boarding schools. One girl and the boy are in form one, while the other three girls are in form two performing very well in class and disciplined. Now, this is where we are today but we are steadily but surely walking towards a place where we will support the education journey of Subo community children from kindergarten to tertiary levels as we witness the chains of poverty and illiteracy fall and these dear people set free!

We are alive to the fact that education coupled with good mentorship especially for the youths produces incredible results. This therefore means we do not only focus on education but also on mentorship programs for the youths in areas of life skills, sexuality, career choices, entrepreneurship, skills development among others.

Riziki, Halima and Fatuma outside their house.

Riziki, Halima and Fatuma after school shopping.

Riziki, Halima and Fatuma during school admission.

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