Good health is a critical issue for the functioning of individuals, families, communities and the society. A 2016 World Bank Report indicates that over 8 trillion dollars is lost to the world’s economy due to poor health illnesses annually a figure that would increase six or so folds by 2030 if no action is taken to address these increasing needs.

Mental health issues have in the last couple of years been on the rise with suicide ranking highest with an estimate of over 1 million deaths every year around the world. Poverty and unemployment, poor health and education systems are known risk factors that accelerate poor health within a community.

Our organization therefore champions projects and ideas to challenge these factors and support communities to reduce stigma, exclusion, and barriers to participation. Structures are in place addressing effects of emergencies to the society by offering psychosocial support, strengthening community resilience and preparedness for future occurrences.

We partner with health stakeholders such as the county governments, and private health care providers among others to strengthen the health care system and ensure better access to quality medical attention while reducing the treatment gap. Additionally, we advocate the voicing out concerns by the community and by so doing hasten the journey to recovery.

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