About Us

We are a Christian development agency extending opportunity, hope and God’s love to people facing extreme poverty. We do this through provision of long-term solutions leading to poverty eradication such as social interventions in health, water and sanitation, food security and

livelihood, education, and small business enterprises.

As an organization, we are committed to excellence and dedicated to practical Christian approaches in charity work. Additionally, we endeavor to offer an opportunity where great ideas, methods, and Godly principles intertwine to achieve maximum aid effectiveness and

organizational performance.  


A transformed healthy and prosperous community 


To build and strengthen sustainable poverty eradication initiatives for individuals, family and community through partnership at all levels 

Core Values

Probity - (honest in our dealings)·

Peerless - (Excellence in service)·

Partnership - (friendliness and collaboration)·

Professionalism - (Proficient in our work).

Passionate - (inner drive to serve)